Value Your Trade

At Overseas Motors Mercedes-Benz, we take great pleasure in offering our assistance with trading in your vehicle, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our team conducts a comprehensive assessment of your car, considering its condition, mileage, and overall characteristics to determine its value accurately. However, our Finance Centre is readily available to help you secure excellent deals, including potential rebates or special offers that may be accessible to you. We are dedicated to making your vehicle trade-in process straightforward and rewarding.

Overseas Motors Mercedes-Benz 2-Step Trade-In Process

Step 1: We suggest conducting comprehensive online research to appraise your car and quickly obtain a car appraisal online. Invest time searching for similar vehicles for sale that closely resemble your car in terms of mileage, condition, trim, and features. This process will provide you with valuable insights to gain a better understanding of your vehicle’s market value.

Step 2: To accurately assess your used car’s value in Canada and access a car value estimator, we recommend contacting Overseas Motors Mercedes-Benz. Get in touch with our team to learn about our evaluation process and discover the trade-in value of your vehicle. You can visit our dealership for an in-person trade-in evaluation or conveniently use our online trade-in assessment tool from your home.

What Factors Determine the Value of Your Car

Many factors influence the vehicle appraisal process, each contributing to the overall value of your car.

  • Make and Model: Certain brands and models are known to hold their value better than others over time.
  • Age: Generally, as car ages, its value decreases.
  • Trim: The vehicle’s trim level is a crucial factor, encompassing the engine specifications, standard features, number of doors, colour, and other available options that significantly influence its value.
  • Condition: Dents, stains, rust spots, and improper repairs are all factors that can cause a decrease in the value of the car.
  • Features: The value of a car can be influenced positively or negatively by various features. Factors such as the transmission type, availability of navigation options, presence of sunroofs, and the type of wheels and tires all play a crucial role in determining its overall value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Trade-In Value determined?

The Trade-In Value is established by comprehensively assessing your vehicle’s condition, mileage, age, make, model, and market demand. Experienced dealership appraisers carefully evaluate these factors to determine a fair and competitive trade-in offer.

Can you negotiate the Trade-In Value of my car?

Although we may generally follow a set appraisal process, there is often flexibility for negotiation, primarily when you have conducted thorough research and possess evidence supporting a higher value based on market data for your vehicle.

Can I use the Trade-In Value as a down payment for my new car?

Certainly! The Trade-In Value can be a down payment for your new car or used car purchase. Utilizing the trade-in amount as a down payment offers the advantage of potentially reducing your overall loan amount and monthly payments, providing a convenient means to transition to your next vehicle.